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Asylum is not just the deck of cards. Through the process of creating, artwork spread to all of artist's spheres of action. It became way of thinking. Obsession. Strange way of rationalization. Through time, court card characters developed they own personalities, and gave their creative contribution to the deck making. Trying to match their state of mind led to main motive -  "To create cards, which looks exactly like they made by Asylum inmates". Top quality materials making cards easy to handle, but with raw and unrefined looks of authentic materials accessible to Asylum patients, we achieved that goal. Cards made from imprecisely hand torn news papers, blood'n'ink stains, wooden coins and dice with symbols scratched by nails and primitive tools.

The main word which correlates to Asylum Deck is "CUSTOM." Everything is fully customized, patiently painted and designed with special attention directed on details. Every Card, every symbol on every card, Jokers, court cards, special cards, seals, everything. Through all of its segments, Asylum is accompanied by slightly deviant background taste, which fits perfectly in the overall concept. Finding inspiration in the anthropological movies and retro/cult cinematographic creations and characters, Asylum is a tribute to the masters of the silver screen such as Vincent price, Kathy Bates, Sir Anthony Hopkins... 

We have created a deck with the goal of satisfying the highest demands of playing card users everywhere - primarily players, magicians, collectors, and cinema admirers. We put tremendous effort and creativity in creating an interesting deck with innovative design, but ultimate functionality for everyday players and pros alike. We respect traditional values and standards, successfully incorporating new aspects of design which blend into a unified design with an intriguing background. With never before seen faces, each card is easily recognizable and easy to read.  These faces will only be printed once, and then shall re-enter the asylum, never to return.

Information about the Product
57 Cards (52 Cards, 2 Jokers, 1 Double Backer, 2 Gaff)
Intended use
Poker, magic, other card games
Plastic coated
Smaller than standard and other font
Number of Jokers
Court Cards
Card Back Design
Double Backer Card
Blank Card
Gaff Cards
Readability (our rating)
4 of 5 Stars