USPCC Mechanic Deck VR2
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Mechanic Deck VR2

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After the success of the blockbuster Mechanic Deck, we decided to take it in for a bit of a service. We didn't want to just give you guys a slightly tweaked 'colour' version, so we completely overhauled the deck with a new design and new custom upgrades making this the best Mechanic's deck yet! The back design looks awesome in spreads and fans thanks to the pop rivets and stepped border, adding interest and variety. The same revolutionary animation system has been applied, but with a couple of extra additions making the animation even clearer, and easier to read as a marked deck.

More contrast in the back design means the animation stands out even more! We've encased the chain in it's own guard and added even more cogs to really bring the flipbook animation to life. The deck still uses the same 13 back system but with some additional subtleties. Riffle through the deck and take it for a spin! 

Information about the Product
56 Cards (52 Cards, 2 Jokers, 1 Double Backer, 1 Ad Card)
Intended use
Poker, magic, other card games
Number of Jokers
2 (1 Blank for Magic)
Standard, Color Customized
Court Cards
Standard, Color Customized
Card Back Design
Two-way, animiated Back
Double Backer Card
Blank Card
Gaff Cards